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AKJ Industries is an export house of international repute based in Kolkata, engaged in the manufacture and export of superior-quality leather bags and accessories, both for men and women. Since our establishment in 2000, we are known for our master craftsmanship we have deeply embedded the principles of excellence and to provide high-quality products at a reasonable cost to our customers. Detail-oriented craftsmanship keeps all our customers happy and thoroughly satisfied.

We are obsessed with great quality and keep a strict and constant vigil on our quality parameters and have kept them at par with international standards. As a result of our work on quality and on-time delivery, we have been able to serve the world’s leading retailers for over 24 years. We are internationally aware of emergent tastes ahead that are truly world-class in quality and design.

Our mission is to add value to all stakeholders including society.


Over 24 Years of Collaboration with GLOBAL BRANDS

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