We have seen many life style changes and adaption of new habits during this COVID-19 Pandemic. One of which keeping yourself sanitized and disinfecting the house hold items regularly.  It is same way important to keep your Rugs sanitized. Rugs is a important home furnishing  item. It not only Increase the beauty of your room but also cushions your feet properly. It has become most important during this COVID-19 time to keep your Rug clean. Because a Rug on the floor experience maximum footfall and exposure daily. The Rugs may seem clean but it does collect bacteria, allergens, dust particles, cough and sneeze droplets. This issue needs a proper attention to keep your dear ones safe during this situation.

Today we are sharing some in-house methods to disinfect your Rugs properly. So that your family can stay safe and healthy.

Use Baking Powder, Vinegar and Water to clean Rugs.

  1. Prepare a mixture of Vinegar and Cold Water of equal proportion each. Add some detergent and stir it well.
  2. Vacuum your Rug properly. And, Spatter some baking powder all over the rugs.
  3. Use a Sponge or scrubber dip into the solution of vinegar, cold water and detergent. Make sure you rinse the sponge so that the water doesn’t drip from it.  Avoid wetting the rug too much, it may harm the fiber. Then wipe the whole area with the moisture sponge. If it dry’s off Soak it again, rinse and use it.
  4. Give few minutes pause, then take a clean dry towel cleanse the whole area of the rugs gently.
  5. Dry the Area Rug in open and Vacuum it once again before placing it on the floor.

Steam Cleaning Your Rugs

  1. Make a mixture of Vinegar and Water using equal proportion of each. Pour it in a sprinkler bottle and sprinkle it over the area of the rug. Don’t over use it or completely wet the rug.
  2. Fill the rest of the solution in the steamer container. Heat up the steamer and steam clean your rugs. Vinegar and Steam are the best disinfectant to sanitize your Rug.
  3. Once it is done keep it outside let it dry in natural wind. You will get a fresh look of the Rug as of a new one.

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