Entrance Spaces determines the energy of the House. And first impression is always important to keep up the positive vibe till the end. According to many Vaastu Consultants and Feng Shui Specialists, a vibrant and colorful entrance keep away the negative energy and brings peace and harmony inside the house. Custom Made Rugs are the exact source for enhancing the beauty of the house with custom style, color and designs.

Here are three most common entrance points rugs design ideas that will enhance the grandeur of your house.


It is the most popular space for a home. It provides the relief space before entering the inside of a house. This space can be utilized for showcasing pictures, photos, paintings. Some times this space acts as the waiting lounge or breather area creating a passage between drawing room and entrance. A Runner style rug will be a perfect choice to give the space a new dimension. A light color contemporary design rugs or geometric pattern rugs will be accurate for the space. Customized Rugs will allow you to create your own unique designer Runner Rugs for your Hallway.


In most of the houses an unconventional way of entrance consists of a staircase added in the space. The Staircase are is designed as a quirky space for multi purpose actions. From greeting a guest inside to reading area space. A bright hue color rug with geometric designs will define the informal sitting style more perfectly.

The Choice of color, style and designs speaks a lot about the personality of the house and the persons choice. With a right guidance you can personalize your own Custom Made Rugs in USA. We at Make My Rug will help you to channelize your thoughts and guide to create the perfect décor for your house.

Feel free to share your ideas in the comment to make a perfect entrance design of your house.

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